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Ballistic protection

Bono­wi deve­lo­ps and pro­du­ces bal­li­stic pro­tec­tion ves­ts, bal­li­stic shields and other bal­li­stic equip­ment, we fol­low the VPAM and NIJ standards.

Ballistic protection shield AirFrame

Ballistic protection shield

Ballistic protection FlexShield Bonowi


Standard protection vest Bonowi

Standard protection vest

Protection vest I-Nigma 1 Bonowi

I‑Nigma 1

Protection vest I-Nigma 2 Bonowi

I‑Nigma 2

I-Nigma Loop Bonowi

I‑Nigma Loop

SK 4 ballistic vest Bonowi

SK 4 ballistic vest

Plate carrier for VPAM 6 or VPAM 9 Bonowi

Plate carrier for VPAM 6 or VPAM 9

Plate carrier Slick Line Bonowi

Plate carrier Slick Line

Plate carrier MPCQRLC

Plate carrier for VPAM 6 or VPAM 9

Ballistic visor SV-P1 Bonowi

Ballistic visor SV-P1

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