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Ballistic protection shield

Bono­wi deve­lo­ps and pro­du­ces bal­listic pro­tec­tion vests, bal­listic shiel­ds and other bal­listic equip­ment, we fol­low the VPAM and NIJ standards.


Ide­al back­up pro­tec­tion sys­tem as a bal­listic sup­ple­ment. The “Flex­Shield” with a soft bal­listic high-per­for­mance packa­ge, can be stif­fe­ned with a CO² car­tridge and worn like a pro­tec­ti­ve shield. In con­trast to our “lar­ge” Air­Frame pro­tec­ti­ve blan­kets, a much flat­ter infla­ti­on bul­ge with a smal­ler car­tridge is used here. Infla­ted to fit bet­ween car door and seat.
The base of the Flex­Shield is equip­ped with soft bal­listics of pro­tec­tion class VPAM 4. Depen­ding on the app­li­ca­ti­on, it can be upgraded to pro­tec­tion class VPAM 6 using upgrade pla­tes (plus 2 x 2 kg for the ent­i­re area).

Bonowi FlexShield
  • Smal­lest packing dimen­si­ons with approx. 60 x 30 cm.
  • Acti­ve usable area: 60 x 60 cm.
  • Upgrad­able with bal­listic pla­tes to VPAM 6.
  • Weight only 3.7 kg with soft bal­listics and less than 8 kg inclu­ding hard bal­listic plates!
  • Almost com­ple­te coverage of the upper body from the chin to the abdomen.
  • Fle­xi­bi­li­ty is retai­ned even when inflated.
  • Colours: black, olive.


Quick to use

Bonowi FlexShield bag
Trans­port in a com­pact bag.
Bonowi FlexShield bag open
Easi­ly removable
and rea­dy to use.
Bonowi FlexShield
Back with car­ry­ing hand­les and shoul­der strap.
Bonowi FlexShield bag
The car­tridge is inser­ted under a tab.
Bonowi FlexShield bag open
Insert car­tridge
and rotate.
Bonowi FlexShield
Pull trig­ger unit.
pres­su­re reli­ef val­ve below
the cartridge.
Bonowi FlexShield bag
Flex­Shield is rea­dy to use.
Bonowi FlexShield bag open
Bonowi FlexShield

Bal­listic Plates.


Unique system

  • The sign, mea­su­ring 60 x 60 cen­ti­me­tres, comes fold­ed and is sup­plied in a com­pact car­ry­ing bag.
  • The sup­plied sli­de-in pla­tes for incre­a­sing the pro­tec­tion class to VPAM 6 are sto­wed in the car­ry­ing bag and can be inser­ted into the pla­te pockets pro­vi­ded in just a few seconds.
  • Without the hard bal­listic pla­tes, the Flex­Shield cor­re­sponds to test level VPAM 4, which means it is able to stop all hand­gun cali­bers up to .44 Magnum.
  • In addi­ti­on, it offers pro­tec­tion against stab­bing wea­pons, such as bla­des and spikes, up to a height of 80 joules.
  • In the area of the arm­rest, it offers addi­tio­nal impact pro­tec­tion, which also redu­ces trau­ma when shot at.
  • A CO2 car­tridge, which once trig­ge­red, fills the infla­ti­on bul­ge of the shield in a few seconds pro­vi­des the necessa­ry stability.
  • Mul­ti­ple shiel­ds can be con­nec­ted to each other via the con­nec­tion zip­pers to expand the pro­tec­ted area.
  • Lin­ked shiel­ds can also be used as stret­chers to trans­port inju­red people.
  • The infla­ted Flex­Shield has a car­ry­ing capa­ci­ty of up to 90 kg in the water.
  • The Flex­Shield offers maxi­mum pro­tec­tion com­pa­red to con­ven­tio­nal bal­listic shiel­ds due to its mul­ti­ple uses (bal­listic and stab/stab).
  • The Flex­Shield is easy to stow away in a vehi­cle to save space.
  • Due to the ever more exten­si­ve resour­ces in the emer­gen­cy vehi­cles, the­se are reaching the limits of the per­mis­si­ble payload. Every kilo that can be saved helps.

The FlexShield can save lives!

FlexShield Miri auf Boden
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