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Ballistic visor SV-P1

Ballistic visor SV-P1

The visor is slid over the hel­met using a rail sys­tem ensu­ring that the hel­met is balan­ced. The visor no lon­ger pro­tru­des for­ward. Rails and shroud can still be used without restriction.

Ballistic visor SV-P1 Bonowi

The inge­nious ope­ning mecha­nism keeps the hel­met in per­fect balan­ce even with the visor open.

New, innovative visor system with ballistic protection

  • Signi­fi­cant­ly ligh­ter than con­ven­tio­nal systems.
  • Rails and Shroud are not affec­ted in their func­tio­n­a­li­ty by the rail system.
  • Sin­ce the visor sli­des over the hel­met when ope­ned, it remains per­fect­ly balanced.
  • The Shroud is still ful­ly usable with the sys­tem clo­sed or open.
  • When open, the visor no lon­ger pro­tru­des for­ward from the helmet.
  • The clo­ser fit­ting visor to the hel­met results in a lower weight with the same protection.
  • Maxi­mum pro­tec­tion against fog­ging of the visor glass is guaranteed.
Animation ballistic visor SV-P1 Bonowi
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