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MTEK Flux Carbon S

impact helmet. Uncompromisingly light.
Ultimately expandable.

The high-end car­bon hel­met from MTEK from the USA. Not only does the hel­met look gre­at, the deve­lo­pers at MTEK have put a lot of effort into this hel­met. One of the high­lights for the wea­rer: with the Fluxli­ner you can achie­ve a per­fect fit on the head. The high­ly acclai­med Shroud from Wil­cox keeps night visi­on devices, lights or action cams sta­ble. The rails are pro­gres­si­ve­ly using M‑LOK as the stan­dard. The low weight, the equip­ment and the well thought-out over­all con­s­truc­tion enable long, trou­ble-free wea­ring times.

The rails on the FLUX hel­met offer space for an end­less sel­ec­tion of pos­si­ble access­ories and attach­ments. The rails use the paten­ted Mag­pul® M‑LOK slots known from long guns. A very sen­si­ble use of stan­dard parts. Mul­ti­ple attach­ment points are available for rou­ting cables over or around the hel­met. The O2 clip con­nec­tor is com­pa­ti­ble with most cen­ter release buckles.

MTEK Flux Carbon-S black Bonowi

FLUX Carbon‑S


The FLUX Car­bon S is the first ver­si­on of the revo­lu­tio­na­ry FLUX hel­met sys­tem. This hel­met has been spe­ci­fi­cal­ly desi­gned to offer you the hig­hest level of safe­ty, com­fort and modu­la­ri­ty curr­ent­ly available in a modern crash hel­met. Craf­ted from high-strength car­bon fiber, the light­weight shell fea­tures an under­cut geo­me­tric pro­fi­le that fol­lows the natu­ral shape of your head for excep­tio­nal sta­bi­li­ty and coverage.

The FLUX Car­bon S fea­tures a solid car­bon fiber shell that gives you maxi­mum, light­weight impact pro­tec­tion. The high-cut edge pro­fi­le has been desi­gned to be com­pa­ti­ble with a wide ran­ge of exis­ting com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons head­sets and access­ories. Light­weight poly­mer reten­ti­on struc­tures are bond­ed to the out­side of the FLUX shell and pro­vi­de a secu­re attach­ment for the FLUX M‑LOK acces­so­ry rails and the Wil­cox L4 shroud.

The inner Fluxli­ner™ pro­vi­des excel­lent impact pro­tec­tion and is made from a pro­prie­ta­ry shock-absor­bing foam. Each hel­met comes with two sets of adjus­ta­ble com­fort pads that allow you to cus­to­mi­ze the inte­ri­or to your head. The reten­ti­on sys­tem also fea­tures Cam-Loc sliders for easy adjus­t­ment and a suede chin cup. The ends of the mount fea­ture Inver­se­clips® for easy detach­ment and added security.


head circumference

Head circumference MTEK Strike Ballistic

head circumference diagonally

Head circumference MTEK Strike Ballistic

No screws in the shell.

The­re are no dril­led holes or inserts through the FLUX hel­met to wea­k­en the under­ly­ing bal­li­stic mate­ri­al. Poly­mer fas­ten­ers replace all the hea­vy bolts, screws and other steel moun­ting hard­ware. Fas­te­ner strikes and secon­da­ry spal­ling are no lon­ger an issue. Light­weight retai­ning struc­tures are bond­ed direct­ly to the outer shell to allow for acces­so­ry rail and shroud rem­oval. The end result is a safer, ligh­ter-weight helmet.

Bonowi MTEK Flux helmet system
Bonowi MTEK Flux Helmet system


High ten­si­le strength struc­tu­ral adhe­si­ve per­ma­nent­ly bonds the poly­mer retai­ning struc­tures to the outer shell. Maxi­mum sur­face area bet­ween sur­faces yield excep­tio­nal bond strength and has out­stan­ding per­for­mance throug­hout a wide envi­ron­men­tal range.

Bonowi MTEK Flux helmet system front view


The sus­pen­si­on and reten­ti­on are atta­ched to the shell inde­pendent­ly of any exte­ri­or fas­ten­ers. If your mis­si­on requi­res abso­lu­te mini­mum weight this uni­que fea­ture allows you to strip the FLUX wit­hout nee­ding to sacri­fice bal­li­stic or impact protection.

Bonowi MTEK Flux Helmet system


Ther­mo­pla­s­tic anti-rota­ti­on inserts pro­vi­de you the opti­on to remo­ve your acces­so­ry rail if ser­vicing or main­ten­an­ce is requi­red. Should the total appli­ed force to the acces­so­ry rail exceed safe­ty limits, the fas­ten­ers will fail, allo­wing the rail to break away from your hel­met shell pre­ven­ting neck or head injury.


  • Total weight: 900 grams
  • Car­bon fiber shell: 340 grams
  • Mini­mum ope­ra­ting weight: 700 grams
  • Over­all dimen­si­ons: 267 x 241 x 165 mm

carbon fiber shell

  • Low weight with high strength and rigidity
  • Mul­ti-lay­er con­s­truc­tion for increased rigidity
  • 100% screw­less (no holes or per­fo­ra­ti­ons in the shell)
  • Under­cut geo­me­try con­forms to the natu­ral shape of the head
  • Late­ral space for com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on headsets
  • Solid outer shell (Car­bon S)
  • Dura­ble Mil-Spec CARC paint and epo­xy primer
  • Available in Coyo­te, Black, Green and Multicam


  • Accepts Mag­pul® M‑LOK accessories
  • Glass fiber rein­forced poly­mer construction
  • Low pro­fi­le with anti-snag design
  • Con­nec­tion to bond­ed FLUX mounts via anti-rota­ti­on nuts
  • O2 cen­ter release buck­le (CRB) slot
  • Hori­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal M‑LOK nega­ti­ve moun­ting surfaces
  • Remo­va­ble spa­cer for upgradeable pro­tec­ti­ve cover
  • Mul­ti­ple attach­ment points for rou­ting com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons or power cables
  • Remo­va­ble for main­ten­an­ce or addi­tio­nal weight reduction

flux liner:

  • Manu­fac­tu­red using a pro­prie­ta­ry shock absor­bing foam for supe­ri­or impact protection
  • Mul­ti­ple com­fort pads to cus­to­mi­ze fit and mini­mi­ze pres­su­re points
  • Mois­tu­re-wicking fabric
  • Meets ACH impact requirements*
  • The design pro­mo­tes air cir­cu­la­ti­on around the head

restraint system:

  • Lower rear moun­ting points for maxi­mum stability
  • Chin cup made of suede offers plea­sant comfort
  • Cam-Loc sliders for one-han­ded adjus­t­ment and a secu­re fit

Wilcox Industries L4 Shroud:

  • Glass fiber rein­forced poly­mer frame
  • Machi­ned anodi­zed alu­mi­num bracket
  • Low pro­fi­le with anti-snag design

Additional scope of delivery

  • Vel­cro® fields for moun­ting patches, IR stro­bes and counterweights
  • Batt­le bun­gees to sta­bi­li­ze night visi­on devices
  • ope­ra­ti­on manual
  • hel­met bag
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