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Bonowi IPE Batons EKA

Camlock Batons

EKA (Baton, short, expandable)

  • 100% func­tion under all rea­listic conditions
  • Avail­ab­le in 4 lengths – from 41 to 66 cm
  • Over 95% user acceptance
  • 10 years warranty
  • Under 1 % War­ran­ty cases over the ent­i­re term
  • A com­pre­hen­si­ve ran­ge of hols­ters and accessories

The baton can be ope­ned by a mode­ra­te swing from the wrist as well as by pul­ling on the tip. To Clo­se, press the release but­ton on the bot­tom of the hand­le, and push the par­ti­al rods tog­e­ther. The rub­ber-cove­r­ed hand­le and the sli­ding rings at the junc­tions of the indi­vi­du­al sec­tions help to absorb the impact energy.

Sli­ding rings enab­le low-noi­se ope­ning and clo­sing of the baton (no metal­lic grin­ding noi­ses, no ratt­ling) and pre­vent a boun­ce-back effect.

The EKA clo­ses the gap bet­ween simp­le phy­si­cal for­ce and fire­arm use. We offer user-ori­en­ted and prac­ti­ce-rela­ted trai­ning programs.

EKA baton is available in 4 lengths from 41 to 66 cm

Accessories for the EKA

EKA Aluminum Endcap

EKA Aluminum tip

We also offer the head in alu­mi­num as an opti­on. This is espe­cial­ly the case with the exten­ded (20mm) ver­si­on
Easy to take off with gloves.

EKA Baton Defense Adapter

Defense Adapter

The Defen­se Adap­ter can be instal­led easi­ly and without tools. This turns the baton into a mul­ti­func­tio­n­al resour­ce. In par­ti­cu­lar, the defen­si­ve pro­per­ties are signi­fi­cant­ly improved.

EKA impact ring Bonowi

Impact ring

Our disc impact ring can be instal­led without tools. The dis­mant­ling is done with the hexa­gon of the H1 holster.

Bonowi EKA safety grip rings

EKA handle safety rings

The grip safe­ty ring pre­vents slip­ping when the baton is expan­ded quick­ly. He will
by sim­ply cli­cking on the cap

EKA tactical mirror

EKA tactical mirror

With the help of the wide-ang­le mir­ror, you can covertly inspect the rooms to be ent­e­red in advan­ce. The mir­ror is atta­ched to the EKA tip with a plastic clip.

EKA Holster H1

The H1 belt hols­ter was spe­cial­ly deve­lo­ped for the Bono­wi EKA CAMLOCK ® Baton and is able to accom­mo­da­te the baton with a atta­ched atta­ched Defen­se Adapter. 

  • The hols­ter can be rota­ted 180° in 30° steps, and is sui­ta­ble for right- and left­hand­ers draw.
  • The baton tip can be locked in the hols­ter, so that the baton is deploy­ed when drawn.
  • The hols­ter base con­tains a tar­get impact ring that can be moun­ted on the EKA
The H1 belt holster was specially developed for the Bonowi EKA CAMLOCK® Baton and is able to accommodate the baton with a attached attached Defense Adapter.
The H1 belt holster was specially developed for the Bonowi EKA CAMLOCK® Baton and is able to accommodate the baton with a attached attached Defense Adapter.

EKA Holster

EKA Cordura Holster Camlock baton Bonowi

Cor­du­ra Holster

EKA Inside Holster Camlock Baton Bonowi

Insi­de Holster

EKA H3 Vega Holster Camlock baton Bonowi

H3 Vega Holster

EKA Shoulder holster Camlock baton Bonowi

Shoul­der holster


Ergo­no­mi­c­al­ly desi­gned side hand­le pro­vi­des opti­mal pos­tu­re and effi­ci­ent use of for­ce in any app­li­ca­ti­on. The base body is extre­me­ly sta­ble and stream­li­ned. Ide­al for car­ry­ing on the body.

Baton MES Bonowi

ES Sachsen / Bayern

The ES Bay­ern is made of poly­pro­py­le­ne, while the Sach­sen is made of poly­car­bo­na­te with a inte­gra­ted poly­car­bo­na­te impact absor­bing inner tube. The absor­ber effect is achie­ved by a poly­car­bo­na­te inner tube, which is inte­gra­ted in a spe­cial process.

Baton Sachsen Bayern Bonowi

Baton Sach­sen

Baton Sachsen Bonowi

Avail­ab­le in 55 and 60 cm length and
Hand­le heights of 9.5 and 11 cm.

MES Special Holster 2 baton Bonowi

Special Holster 2

The spe­cial hols­ter is made of nylon and comes with push but­ton safe­ty. The hols­ter body can be rota­ted 360 degrees, and is sui­ta­ble for left- and right-han­ded draw. The Bono­wi Spe­cial Hols­ter was desi­gned for the Bono­wi® MES, and ES Sachsen/ Bay­ern, but addi­tio­nal­ly fits other Tonfas.

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