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Zistos Explorer Scope

Zistos Portable Video Systems

The Zis­tos Por­ta­ble Video Sys­tems is used by spe­cia­li­zed forces for self-pro­tec­tion pur­po­ses, among others:

  • For explo­ra­ti­on and pene­tra­ti­on into buil­dings and rooms
  • On the covert detec­tion of hazar­dous situations,
  • For iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on and obser­va­ti­on of tar­get per­sons, even in darkness

Zis­tos teles­co­pic video came­ra equip­ment is a por­ta­ble video obser­ving sys­tem. The equip­ment allows the user, by means of teles­co­pic rods on which video came­ra heads are moun­ted, to view rooms while stan­ding at a safe distance.

Zistos camera systems

Zistos Portable Video Systems

Teles­co­pic Poles of dif­fe­rent lengths (30 cm to 12 m) are available for this pur­po­se. The Came­ra heads can be par­ti­al­ly adjus­ted in their ori­en­ta­ti­on (right / left, up / down) during use (depen­ding on the teles­co­pic rod used) via a mecha­nism at the lower end of the rod.

The image cap­tu­red by a came­ra is dis­play­ed on an accom­pany­ing moni­tor. In case of insuf­fi­ci­ent light­ing of the rooms to be explo­red, came­ra heads with their own white light are available as well as a ther­mal ima­ging came­ra head with IR func­tion, which dis­plays heat signa­tures and can also be used in case of smo­ke or dust development.

The modu­lar design of the equip­ment allows fle­xi­ble adapt­a­ti­on of the device to be used to the respec­ti­ve con­di­ti­ons on site, as well as rapid repla­ce­ment of indi­vi­du­al modu­les in the event of damage.

All com­pon­ents are desi­gned for use and are robust, wea­ther­pro­of or water­pro­of. For sto­rage and trans­port, the equip­ment is pro­vi­ded with a water­pro­of case and a wea­ther­pro­of car­ry­ing bag for the teles­co­pic poles.exploration of the pre­mi­ses can be used.

When used in con­junc­tion with the Recon Scout SearchStick2, respon­ders can trans­form the THROWBOT 2 unit into a ver­sa­ti­le baton came­ra. This faci­li­ta­tes the inspec­tion of attics, roofs and inters­ti­ti­al spaces.

Ask for a free tri­al peri­od to get an impres­si­on of the diver­si­ty of the modu­lar system.

Zistos camera systems
Zistos Sled

Vehic­le inspection

Zistos camera system WPH-HD-3


Zistos camera system Tablet

Screen with arm holder

Zistos HD camera system

Zis­tos HD came­ra sys­tem. Teles­co­pic rod with moto­ri­zed came­ra head.

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