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Training equipment Bonowi

training equipment

Rea­li­stic trai­ning is beco­ming more and more important in the trai­ning of poli­ce offi­cers: Sce­na­ri­os should be run through rea­li­sti­cal­ly and with equip­ment that is as true to the ori­gi­nal as pos­si­ble. Our trai­ning aids are pre­cis­e­ly tail­o­red to the­se requi­re­ments, with qua­li­ty and dura­bi­li­ty being the focus.

Full Body Training Coverall

This com­ple­te­ly new full-body pro­tec­ti­ve trai­ning suit is based on the basic cut of the body pro­tec­tion equip­ment used in Ger­ma­ny. It offers the pos­si­bi­li­ty of extre­me­ly prac­ti­cal training.

  • Light front and back pro­tec­tors (PE foam)
  • Light arm guards are adaptable
  • A pair of pro­tec­tor pants pro­tects the geni­tal and thigh area
  • Light leg pro­tec­tion with soft pad­ding and absor­ber shell, also pro­tects the kne­es and lower legs in the side area.
Bonowi full body protective training suit
Training vest Front Bonowi

Bono­wi trai­ning vest front

Training vest back Bonowi
Bono­wi trai­ning vest back

Fourth generation training helmet for color marking

The Bono­wi color mar­king hel­met 4th gene­ra­ti­on offers the usu­al wea­ring com­fort in com­bi­na­ti­on with pro­tec­tion and ven­ti­la­ti­on. We have also recei­ved the pro­ven Spec­tra 290° ther­mal lens sys­tem, which ensu­res a per­fect field of visi­on in all situa­tions.

Bonowi color marking helmet 4th generation front
Bonowi color marking helmet 4th generation side

With the intro­duc­tion of medi­um-ran­ge wea­pons and the asso­cia­ted trai­ning with 4.6 mm MMR ammu­ni­ti­on, it was neces­sa­ry to revi­se the exis­ting sys­tem. In the chin area in par­ti­cu­lar, the­re was a risk that pro­jec­ti­les could break through the slats.

The hel­met of the 4th gene­ra­ti­on is now equip­ped with a poly­car­bo­na­te man­di­ble, which exact­ly meets the­se requi­re­ments. An addi­tio­nal per­fo­ra­ti­on in the front area ensu­res that the shock breathing is dis­si­pa­ted well under load, but that the holes are small enough to pre­vent the pro­jec­ti­le from pene­t­ra­ting or penetrating.

The man­di­ble can be retro­fit­ted to exis­ting 3rd gene­ra­ti­on hel­mets to ensu­re opti­mal and up-to-date pro­tec­tion again.

The advan­ta­ges at a glance:

  • 180° field of view
  • anti-fog visor
  • light and ful­ly fle­xi­ble
  • hig­hest wea­ring com­fort
  • very good communication


The hel­met is sup­pli­ed by us with an adap­ta­ble neck pro­tec­tion, inner pads and an outer shell. This blocks color pene­tra­ti­on. The hel­met was also tes­ted with sub­ma­chi­ne gun fire. The­re is a pro­of of fire from the fire­arms office in Mell­rich­stadt for the glasses.

Full protective suit SV Armor Guard

We use Supro­tec foam as impact pro­tec­tion and two mil­li­me­ters of poly­ethy­le­ne (PE) for extre­me shock absorp­ti­on, which results in excel­lent cushio­ning with the grea­test pos­si­ble free­dom of movement.

Extra long and strong Vel­cro straps allow varia­ble adjus­t­ment of the size. The fine adjus­t­ment of the size is made via the con­nec­ting straps of the indi­vi­du­al parts.

Full protection suit SV Guard Bonowi

X‑Trem Real training pad

The new impact pro­tec­tion trai­ning pad was spe­ci­al­ly deve­lo­ped for EKA trai­ning, slight­ly roun­ded in a new sand­wich con­s­truc­tion with an inte­gra­ted PC pla­te for maxi­mum shock absorp­ti­on and ener­gy dis­tri­bu­ti­on. The cur­ved shape pro­tects against hits in the edge areas.

Hori­zon­tal­ly and ver­ti­cal­ly arran­ged hand­les make the pad varia­ble for all trai­ning situa­tions. The inter­ch­an­geable front can be exch­an­ged quick­ly and easi­ly and is available as a repla­ce­ment acces­so­ry. This makes the X‑Trem Real impact pro­tec­tion pad extre­me­ly hard-wea­ring and economical.

Training pad front Bonowi
Training pad detachable cover Bonowi
Training pad back Bonowi

Training baton Escrima

Made of 100% poly­car­bo­na­te with a rub­ber grip, unbre­aka­ble, very good hand­ling and high shock absorp­ti­on, available in lengths of 400, 520, 600 and 660 mm.

Training baton straight Escrima Bonowi
Training stick blue EKA Bonowi

Training baton EKA

Deve­lo­ped for rea­li­stic ope­ra­tio­nal trai­ning, the EKA trai­ning stick cor­re­sponds exact­ly to the dimen­si­ons of the ori­gi­nal. Poly­ure­tha­ne with GRP core available in sizes 21″ and 26″. The EKA trai­ning baton is not telescopic.

training tonfa

With pad­ding for rea­li­stic prac­ti­ce with mul­ti­pur­po­se batons.

Training baton Tonfa Bonowi

Training baton, padded

Outer mate­ri­al Cor­du­ra 1000, inner core poly­car­bo­na­te, 15 mm thick pad­ding, available in lengths of 500, 600, 700 and 800 mm.

Padded training pole Bonowi
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